Passport to High School

P2HS was designed as a one-week immersion institute to show incoming 9th grade students how to design their high school experience to prepare for college. We have evolved the program to go into 8th grade classrooms through out partnership with Sahuarita Middle School, where each year, all of their 8th grade students (about 250) participate in the module. 


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Passport to High School focuses on 5 outcomes:     

1-Planning high school coursework to best suit a student's interest areas and career goals
2-Understanding the role of extracurricular activities in High School, and how to best choose the clubs/activities that complement a student's college goals.
3-Learn to navigate the UA website and campus to locate needed information. Examples include: how to sign up for summer camps/workshops for high school students, how to find out about scholarships and financial aid, and how to find the right department to fulfill career aspirations
4- When to start the search for the perfect college or UA department, how to make the most of your high school counselors, and how to help parents with financial aid documents. 
5-Learning and developing interview skills in order to intelligently ask questions to help make college decisions,  and be able to locate and identify administrators, professors, students, staff, and ask appropriate questions to each.


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