Human Subjects/IRB

Educational research is regulated by the Federal Health and Human Services and subject to state law, rules, and procedures.

All prospective researchers must pass an examination demonstrating that they understand their ethical and legal obligations to protect participants; issues include "informed consent," risks to the health or safety of participants, and related ethical considerations. You must request prior approval from the Internal Review Board (IRB) to conduct research.

Carefully examine the requirements and consult with your advisors and other appropriate personnel concerning research proposals involving human subjects. We recommend that graduate students take the human subjects exam as soon as possible.

An online course is available to prepare for this exam. Click here to register for the course. Choose University of Arizona as your institution (if you are a faculty member or graduate student planning on doing research while affiliated with the UA).

Also, review and download Sponsored Projects’ UA Handbook for Principal Investigators online.

NOTE: If you passed this examination more than two years ago, the UA will require you to retake the exam. The study guide contains the exam and links to documents to help you prepare. The instructions on how to submit your actual examination are in the study guide. For additional assistance, you can check out this book at the UA Main Library: Planning Ethically Responsible Research by Sieber, J.E. [Newbury Park: Sage Publications (1992)].

Visit the UA Office of the Vice President for Research for updated memos regarding training session on human subjects requirements and other important topics related to conducting research.

For additional information, visit the UA Human Subjects Protection Program.

For federal information about human subjects requirements, go to the U.S. Department of Education Institute for Educational Studies.